Steam Units


Research has shown that the two most effective ways to clean float trays is either Methyl Bromide or steaming.  Now that Methyl Bromide is no longer available, steaming your trays is your best option to ensure you have quality transplants to put in the ground.  University research has shown that with proper steam techniques, steaming is the most effective disinfectant for killing pathogens that can be harmful to plants.

NCSU released a study that shows if trays are steamed at 176° F for 30 minutes there is a 100 percent control.  One of the problems with steaming so far at the farm level is sufficient control of steam to hold the proper temperature for a prescribed period of time.  Our unit eliminates that problem with a custom control system installed on our unit.


Custom Built Steamer w/ 25% higher capacity, 2.5 gpm vs 2 gpm

Belt Driven vs. Direct Drive—runs slower last longer!

20” Coil vs. 18” coil

10 gallon tank vs 5 gallon—longer run time!

Polyethylene Float Tank vs. no float tank. Makes it easy to winterize!!

Motor Starter vs. Hard Start

Hour Meter

Comes with steam hose & nozzle.

Holds approx. 840 trays

Completed cycle in 90 minutes

Control System to hold temps for desired time

Custom Insulated Panels with R Factor 8.34

Easy to Use

Doors on both ends allows for easy loading and unloading

Comes fully assembled

Option: Custom Powder Coated Pallets