Speedy Seeders & Accessories

When ordering a Speedy Seeder plate, please provide us with the following information:

1) Speedy Seeder model the plate is for (10/20 or 13/26)

(2) The Manufacturer of the flats you will be seeding

(3) The number of cells per flat you will be seeding

(4) The Alpha letter from the list below

(5) Please note whether you are using raw or pelleted seeds

**Pelleted seeds have a coating which are bigger than raw seed**


Please double check each item of your order.  We custom drill each customer's order as they are received.

Plates that have been correctly drilled per customer specifications, but were incorrectly ordered by the customer  are considered property of that customer with no refunds.

Plate alphabet diameters (hole sizes) are not all inclusive.  These diameters have been determined by samples provided by our customers.

Please allow for seed size variations, or provide seed samples prior to drilling.

This is the only way we can guarantee your plate for seed size.

Manufactured by Carolina Greenhouses. This Speedy Seeder has been designed with the grower in mind, it is user friendly, accurate, reliable and fun to use. It is constructed of high quality stainless steel and is able to seed a full range of seed types such as pelleted, coated or raw. Sizes are available to accommodate 10/20 or 13/26 flats. The Speedy Seeder has no vacuum hoses to fight with and the extra seed stay on the plate because of our special seed channel. This seed channel attached to the plate holds excess seed which enables you to seed flats faster and more continuous before adding more seed.